The Twitter Feud Involving Kyle Long And Martellus Bennett Of The Chicago Bears May Finally Be Over

Bennett and Long
Getty Image

Last Tuesday, Chicago Bears teammates Martellus Bennett and Kyle Long engaged in a somewhat puzzling social media fight in which Bennett unfollowed Long on Twitter, Long reciprocated publicly, and Bennett responded back saying he didn’t have time for this and asked Long to “stop the bullsh*t”. It didn’t quite devolve into “yo momma” jokes, but it was close.

Thankfully on Monday, it appears the spat is over, at least as far as Long is concerned. Bennett was recently added to the Pro Bowl roster as an injury replacement at TE and will be joining Long, who is making the team for the second straight year. Long sent out a congratulatory tweet to his teammate.

Well that’s nice. Hopefully now they can both get back to focusing on what’s really important; winning the Pro Bowl.