The Ultimate Fighter 20 Recap: Every Rose Has a Thug

Welcome back to The Ultimate Fighter season 20 recap! We open this week with Heather, Lisa and Tecia hanging out with the non-American fighters (Aside from Bec, who wants nothing to do with them). Gotta love the petty high school drama from these pro fighters. Though, to be fair, at least nobody has spiked their food with bodily fluids (Yet).

At a team Melendez practice, we see Kron Gracie training with the fighters, and Rose Namajunas is having a bit of a breakdown. We learn that Alex Chambers had some pressure from her family about following a martial arts career, especially since she has a background in astrophysics, but punchin’ faces holds more love for her.

We get a little insight into Rose’s background, and it sounds like she had an abusive childhood, which really sucks. Rose talks about finally being able to open up about her history just prior to coming on the show and maybe people can look to her for strength.

Next up, two members of the US women’s national soccer team to show up and kick some pads while talking about the struggles female athletes face. We also have Anthony Pettis talking about how skilled Rose is, since they trained together at Duke Rufus’ camp years ago (Then why didn’t you pick her, Tony?)

The fight: #7 “Thug” Rose Namajunas” vs #10 Alex Chambers

The first round saw Rose winning a decent amount of the early striking exchanges, forcing Alex against the cage. Rose got a take down, couldn’t do much with it, but then landed a big slam. Alex got back up again, only to be taken back down. Rose took Alex’s back, sunk her hooks and locked up a rear naked choke to give team Melendez their first win of the season.

Come back next week as #8 “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings takes on the replacement, #3 Tecia “Tiny Tornado” Torres.


– Heather revealing she has a full ACL tear and surgery will put her out for 9 months to a completely silent room

– Angela Magana and Thug Rose “recharging their batteries” and “decalcifying their third eye” in the sun like two weirdos.