‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Contestant Cathal Pendred Saved a Baby Dolphin

05.01.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Generally speaking, Mixed Martial Arts fighters are lunkheads with terrible opinions and often perpetrate terrible actions. Sometimes, though, some rad stuff comes out of this weird, dumb sport featuring two dudes sweatily punching each other in the dick.

Take for instance, Irish fighter and current contestant on The Ultimate Fighter season 19 Cathal Pendred. Since TUF Live was a mild disaster, Pendred’s season has wrapped filming some time ago, which means Cathal has been spending his days in his native land, training for whatever upcoming fights are on his docket. In addition to training, Cathal has apparently been spending some time on the beach, as he recently spent over an hour saving the life of a baby dolphin that was stranded.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that “saving a baby dolphin” is one of the top methods of getting all ladies within a ten mile radius to flock to you. Unfortunately, it looks like the little guy didn’t take to the rescue all that well.

Though, to Pendred’s credit, his attempt went a lot better than the last time someone involved in MMA had an encounter with marine life.

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