The Ultimate Frisbee Bar Has Been Raised

05.07.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Top 21 Frisbee Trick Shots“Top 21 Frisbee Trick Shots | Brodie Smith” chronicles the 21 best frisbee trick shots of Brodie Smith and … well, that’s what it is. I guess there was no point in putting “we added a loud beat over the clips to help drown out everybody going OOOOHHHHHHHHHH every time a shot worked”.

Anyway, I’m with the YouTube commenters who feel that #6 (SMACK SHOT) is the best on the list because of its impossible difficulty, although #8 (NO LOOK SHOT) earns points for the guy who forgets they’re doing trick shots and tries to catch it at the last minute. The whole video earns bonus points with me for Brodie’s amazing mission statement, which can only come from a guy named “Brodie”:

1 year ago I decided to upload a video of me throwing frisbees into trashcans in hopes of bringing more attention to Ultimate Frisbee.

/wipes away tear

[h/t Sweater Punch]

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