The Upton Brothers Hit Back-To-Back Home Runs, Set Records, Are Monsters

Brothers B.J. and Justin Upton have always been good players. The trick, I guess, was for a club to figure out that they should play on the same team. That unlocks some sort of weird National Treasure scenario where the Uptons decipher a bunch of clues and become DEATH-BRINGING MONSTERS OF BASEBALL. Well, Justin, at least. But B.J. is getting there!

Case in point: The Upton brothers hit back-to-back home runs in last night’s game against the Colorado Rockies, bringing the Atlanta Braves to 15-5 on the season and causing a deluge of statistical footnotes, including

1. Justin Upton now leads the Major Leagues with 11 home runs.

2. Justin Upton has hit 11 home runs in April, setting a new Braves team record.

3. The Upton brothers are the first brother tandem to hit back-to-back homers in the Majors since Lloyd and Paul Waner did it for the Pirates back in 1938.

4. Justin Upton will not high-five you.

For more information on that last one, here are the clips. Back-to-back, natch.

First up, B.J.

[mlbvideo id=”26528407″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

Then, Justin.

[mlbvideo id=”26528469″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

Fifth note: Justin Upton is currently on pace to hit 99 home runs.

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