The Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Teaser Will Make You Forget About Deflated Balls

There are several different jokes you can go with for a Super Bowl ad teaser made by Victoria’s Secret. Something something the ultimate fantasy team. Yada yada these ladies really know how to score. Blah blah blah hit the showers, team! But because I’m both timely and an adult, I went with the #DEFLATEGATE angle, as it’s our duty to keep talking about Bill Belichick’s deflated balls until Super Bowl XLIX has come and gone.

But let’s not let the HOT TAEKS of the day distract us from the point of this important news story – it’s a Super Bowl ad teaser. That’s not to be confused with a Super Bowl ad sizzle reel or teaser trailer teaser teaser, of course, but this is really quite simply about Doutzen Kroes leading the most important football team in history to victory. The official Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl XLIX ad will air after the final 2-minute warning on Feb. 1.