The Volleyball Triple Kill Exists, And It Is Amazing

Pro Wrestling Editor

Before this, my favorite volleyball spike was last month’s double kill, wherein a spike took out an opposing player before ricocheting into the crowd and KO’ing a fan. I had no idea I’d have a favorite volleyball spike before I became the editor-in-chief of a sports blog, but here we are.

The folks at Yardbarker found a clip to top it, and if somebody finds a way to top this, I will dedicate an entire subsection of With Leather to volleyball. The “Triple Six Pack” shows a single volleyball spike taking out THREE opponents, bouncing off one face into another into another. It’s glorious, even if it makes me think the team trained by watching Equilibrium. Or Wanted, if you want a fresher reference.

Video is below.

I don’t care what the score is, a shot that knocks out three opponents via the face should earn you an instant win. Game over.

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