The With Leather Hot Twitter List Buzz Words Top 25: Efficiency, People

09.25.12 7 Comments

(Burnsy here. The other day, me and the fellas were chatting around the UPROXX whiskey fountain, and we decided that Sports Illustrated and Deadspin are on to something. Last week, SI – for no reason other than passing out some cyber ass slaps – launched its list of the 100 sports people that we should be following on Twitter, and Deadspin responded with a more tongue-in-cheek version of people we shouldn’t follow. The problem, though, is that there are people out there who you really should be following that don’t get the credit they deserve, and there are people who really, really suck beyond the obvious guys like Skip Bayless and Jason Whitlock, who both really, really suck.

So we enlisted some friends for this week, and we’re sending out our own Twitter ass slaps. Next on the docket, UPROXX’s own Danger Guerrero.)

Here is my Twitter Top 25…

1) DMX – DMX mostly just retweets compliments about his album these days, but every now and then he’ll tweet something amazing like “I FLIPPED MY F-CKIN FOUR WHEELER” (actual tweet) and then delete it. Also, it’s super fun to do this:

2) Horse ebooks – Stay weird, horse.

3) N/A

4) N/A

5) N/A

6) N/A

7) N/A

8) N/A

9) N/A

10) N/A

11) N/A

12) N/A

13) N/A

14) N/A

15) N/A

16) N/A

17) N/A

18) N/A

19) N/A

20) N/A

21) N/A

22) N/A

23) N/A

24) N/A

25) N/A

… and here is a picture I drew of DMX and a horse playing streetball. Have a great day.

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