The Women Of San Antonio ‘Responded’ To Charles Barkley’s Fat Jokes

Today in news that won’t shock you in the slightest, there were some women that were not pleased at all with Charles Barkley’s comments about the ladies of San Antonio, Texas. Special interest groups immediately called for an apology from Barkley and TNT after he said (for like the billionth time) that there were some “big, ol’ women” down there and that Victoria’s Secret is a secret to them, because they all wear bloomers. So did Barkley apologize? Not at all. Instead, he back-peddled slightly, claiming that he has also complimented San Antonio’s women on many occasions, but then Ernie and Co. roped him right back in, replaying his comments and some totally realistic reactions from actual San Antonio women.

Except, instead of realistic, I mean someone wrote some awful jokes for them to tell, and nobody on this planet will see through these terrible deliveries.

Meanwhile, Barkley also showed us… something. I honestly don’t know how to describe these GIFs without being gross.

That’s Sports Emmy Award-winner Charles Barkley, folks.