The Women Of The Bristol University Netball Team Made A Calendar

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12.07.11 13 Comments

The women of the Bristol University netball team were recently faced with a major dilemma – I had no clue what netball was. But I wasn’t going to let my lack of knowledge get in the way of their other problem – they need to raise money or they won’t have a season. So showing off their big, beautiful brains that got them into college, they decided to make a calendar and sell it on Facebook. And since the calendar features the entire team practically naked, I have a pretty good feeling that they’ll get their money.

As for that first problem, netball is apparently just like basketball, except the games are 7-on-7 and there are no backboards on the rim. That has to be a nightmare of missed layups for these poor girls. But if it means we get a calendar full of British girls covering their fish and chips in the name of the queen keeping their sport alive, then I’m all for it. Best of luck, you cheeky ladies.

(No nudity but still mostly NSFW so pull a fire alarm or something.)

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