The Worst MMA Fight Ever Is Even Worse Than You’re Imagining

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.21.13 19 Comments

Worst MMA fight

If you call something “the worst MMA fight ever,” you’ve got to mean it.

There’s so much to choose from. You’ve got Tank Abbott fighting people in the middle of a neighborhood barbecue, people who lost fights via vomit, a guy who knocked himself out with a kick and anything Bob Sapp has ever done. But yes, what you’re about to watch is truly the worst MMA fight ever.

He taps out to a sprawl, you guys. It’s so sad that the referee is like, “really, seriously?” and the guy just shrugs and gives up. He tries a kick, bless his heart, and he goes for the most depressing takedowns you’ve ever seen before lying facedown and holding his head. You know, in case somebody tries to punch him. In the MMA fight.

Enjoy this as much I did. Please.

EA, please make this guy the Glass Joe in your UFC game.

[h/t to MiddleEasy]

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