The Wrestling Hipster: 5 Reasons Watching NXT Makes You Better Than Other Wrestling Fans

‘The Wrestling Hipster’ is a column dedicated to a deeper, enlightened perspective on professional wrestling for people who think having an opinion about pro wrestling makes you deeper and enlightened. If you’re one of those people who reads the italicized disclaimer, the headline is unnecessarily confrontational on purpose to make people who don’t read italicized disclaimers mad. Do not take his seriously, but obey every word I type.

So here’s the problem I’m having.

Not enough people are watching and talking about NXT. It’s on WWE Network now and that helps a little, but it doesn’t get as many views as Legends House. Most wrestling fans would rather see something familiar doing nothing (i.e. Rowdy Roddy Piper trying to order takeout) than something unfamiliar doing EVERYTHING. In the first installment of The Wrestling Hipster, I’m gonna pull down my The Shield scarf and charcoal cabbie hat long enough to give you five reasons why watching NXT makes you better than other wrestling fans, and yes, I own a scarf with The Shield logo on it. And yes, I’m still going to Believe In The Shield, I don’t care what you’ve heard.

If you aren’t familiar with NXT at ALL, two things:

– It is WWE’s “developmental territory.” The minor leagues, basically. Guys are here before they’re on Raw or Smackdown usually, practicing and refining characters and seeing what works.
– Come on, man, get your shit together.

Here are the five reasons why you should be watching it. Scoff scoff.

1. It lets you like the guys everybody likes before everybody likes them.

How you want to deal with that is up to you. You can go the (very cool) snotty route of, “heh, oh, you like The Wyatt Family? I was watching back when Eli Cottonwood was Bray’s follower.” You get to condescend people who think Emma’s wacky arm dance is “funny” because you know its origins … you know how Emma started as a heel and was so naturally clumsy that they had to roll with it, and her physical awkwardness turned her into an unlikely fan favorite. But yeah, go ahead and cheer for her because she has another character’s snake puppet on her arm, that’s fine.