10.18.07 11 years ago 30 Comments

So I was all set to preview Game 5 of the ALCS against the backdrop of Cleveland's attempt to mind-fuck Josh Beckett by having his ex-girlfriend sing the National Anthem (seriously, who uses the National Anthem as a psychological weapon?)…

Oh, but then here come the Yankees.  ESPN and the New York Post jumped through their asses to report that Joe Torre was about to sign a new contract… only to quickly retract the stories when Torre turned down a one-year deal worth $5M, with playoff incentives that could have raised it to $8M.  This is like the third or fourth "big" news item about the Yankees since they got ousted from the playoffs.  They can't go two days without generating some bullshit 48-point headline in Helvetica Bold, and it's getting really goddam old. 

Anyone who says the '80s sucked is lying.  Any time the Yankees suck is a golden age of American history.  Party at my house when Steinbrenner dies.

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