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Roger Clemens took the loss in the New York's 4-3 defeat against the Rockies, and the Yankees were swept out of Coors Field in their first visit since a record-setting slugfest (41 runs) in 2002.  This time around, the Yanks managed just five runs over three games.  Clemens failed to get out of the fifth inning, giving up four runs on seven hits, two of which were home runs.

Hmmm… It's almost like an overweight man in his mid-40s isn't the ideal savior for a team.  But no, Roger's in great shape.  And places all the blame on himself.  And by "himself" I mean "anything else."

"I was taking deep breaths on the mound. My mouth got dry a couple times," Clemens said. "That was the more difficult part. Heat or cold is not a big deal. The one inning a storm blew in and the wind changed direction. The wind hit my chest and caused me to throw the ball out of the zone. But I made the adjustment. Then, the wind started to blow straight out."

It must have been one of those non-rain delay storms, with some kind of crazy wind.  What's that?  The game recap says it was 1 mph?  Well, a delicate breeze can still fuck your stuff up.  It's like the wind throwing a changeup.

Other MLB scores: King Felix returned to form, getting 9 strikeouts in 8 shutout innings in the Mariners' 3-0 win.  Yes, I have a boner.  Leave me alone… The Cubs lost to the Rangers in the bottom of the ninth with shitty defense and a carefully executed blown pickle.  Heh, "blown pickle."

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