10.25.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

And now for the Hollywood Minute: Let's look at a couple items of note from my movie-centric friends at Film Wad, a site where I'd spend all day watching trailers if I weren't so busy cruising the sports blogosphere.

First, Thomas Carter has signed on to direct an as-yet untitled film about Jackie Robinson that will star Robert Redford as Branch Rickey and an actor (probably black) to be named later as Robinson. You may remember Carter from Coach Carter, but more than likely you don't. I prefer to remember him for Swing Kids (which I successfully avoided watching) and the postmodern love story Save the Last Dance. That was where Julia Stiles was a ballet dancer, but living in the 'hood gave her rhythm.

The other bit of news is that Anthony Mackie — best known for playing "Papa Doc" in 8 Mile — will play Jesse Owens in a biopic that begins shooting next summer. I guess the director felt bad about the way he got laughed off the stage when Eminem called him Clarence, because now he's going to win four gold medals at the '36 Berlin Games. In your face, Hitler!

What's tougher? Being a white guy rap-battling in the Detroit 'hood, or being a black athlete in a stadium full of Nazis? Or being as handsome as I am and dealing with jealousy of ugly people every day? I'm like the Jesse Owens/Jackie Robinson of blogging. No attractive person has ever done this before.

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