There’s Got To Be A Joke In Here Somewhere …

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.10.11 6 Comments

Sports Grid’s tendency to take videos from places and put their logo in the corner has finally come in handy, as the PGA has been on a rights and violations kick and this is the only place on the Internet to see video of a guy running onto the seventh green at CordeValle and throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods. Yes, this is a thing that happened.

Conflicting reports abound — he was drunk, he wasn’t drunk, he threw the hot dog, he just lost control of the hot dog because he was crazy and running — and the entire thing has a real Zapruder feel about it. Obvious jokes about Tiger Woods and wieners aside, it also gives the comments section of every sports blog in the world a chance to argue about what should and should not be on a hot dog. I usually go the mustard, relish and onions route, but my hot dogs are made out of soy beans, so what the hell do I know? I just think it’s hilarious that a golfer had a hot dog thrown at them at something called the “ Open”. Somebody should throw a milkshake at him.

The best part is that the story gives me a chance to reuse one of my favorite sports clips of all time:

…on a hot dog.

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