There’s Something About A-Rod

04.15.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

I’m about as indifferent to Cameron Diaz as one could be, I think. I think she has what people in the industry like to call “comedy chops.” I don’t know if that’s like some sort of Tae-Bo or whatever, but she doesn’t do a lot of bad movies and she’s not terrible-looking. That said, she strikes me as sort of the blonde Jennifer Aniston: aloof, less than charming, and terrible at math. Anyway, she’s apparently dating Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. And why not? After making a movie with Tom Cruise, A-Rod looks like Big Jim Slade.

The grapevine in Hollywood is abuzz with the news that actress Cameron Diaz might be dating the New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez who is also popularly known as A-Rod. –Manhattan Style.

Thanks for clearing up such confusing shorthand. But isn’t Diaz still with Justin Timberlake?

[Justin] Timberlake and Diaz were together for four years before breaking up, but the Shrek project has apparently brought them back together. It is believed the two remained friends after their separation, and reports say the relationship is heating up again.

It would certainly make things interesting if it turns out Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were still together during all of this – and if the rumors of Cameron Diaz and Yankees star Alex Rodriguez dating are true as well! –StarPulse.

Hang on a sec. So she’s dating A-Rod and Timberlake? Together? That’s quite a double play [zing?] I’m just going to note “DP” in my notebook here. I think I’ll be able to remember the meaning of that abbreviation later.

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