These College Football Playoff Logos Are Boring, So Let’s Make Our Own

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04.24.13 8 Comments

It’s a lot of fun being an American sports fan, because we complain about pretty much everything there is to complain about, and when we finally get what we want, we complain even more. Case in point – the NCAA has given us a brand new College Football Playoff system, and with it four new logos to choose from. Fans have until Monday to vote on one of four proposed logos, and so far the consensus seems to be that they all flat out suck.

Now, those are random people’s words who may not exist and not mine. I think the logos are okay. Nah, who am I kidding? I’m the one who thinks all four options suck. I tried to make it seem like other people hate them, but I’m just speaking for me. There, it feels good to be honest.

But because I don’t like to crap all over something without offering my own alternative, I have actually made a College Football Playoff logo that the NCAA can add to the voting contest at no charge, except for the small fee that I’ve included after the jump.

First, we’ll start with the basic, which is the very plain block lettering.

Booooooooring, right fellow Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale dropouts? Let’s add some football clip art to really spruce it up.

Already looking snazzy. But “College Football Playoffs” is so weak sauce. Let’s make the actual name more exciting.

Helloooooooooooo, record ratings! Now, it is college football, so we are legally obligated to include these:

But now that we have the legal crap out of the way, we can jazz it up how we please. So let’s get Kate Upton on there.

And how about another attractive girl like Lennay Kekua?

Haha, get it? That joke’s not old. Anyway, let’s add a tiger because there are 800 programs that have the tiger as a mascot.

And a baby tiger, because that sh*t’s totally cuter.

Now Sad Keanu because memes are awesome and the kids will be like, “UPVOTE!”

Let’s remind everyone that this is America’s sport, too, with a giant American flag!

Oh, and we can make more sponsorship dollars by adding actual products.

You know what? Let’s put the actual sponsorship dollars on there, too.

Hey, you know what’s super cool? Bearsharktopus!

Haha, watch out Sad Keanu! Man, this is awesome. Oh, let’s put a ribbon on it so people know we care about stuff.

I guess we should recognize that this is about student-athletes and getting an education, since the NCAA makes all that money and doesn’t give it to anyone. So let’s make it look intelligent.

I’d say that’s a pretty good logo right there. That will be, $100 million, NCAA. Send it to my PayPal.

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