Here Are A Pair Of Mindless Signs From ‘College GameDay’

Look, Oklahoma State fans have to have a certain amount of humor about their chances against No. 1 Florida State in Arlington, Texas, tonight. The game boasts the potential of a filleting in all of Jerry World’s humorless confines, so joke, Cowboys fans, joke! Next week college football starts in earnest.

But… The following signs that fans, for both the Cowboys and Florida State, made for ESPN’s ‘College Gameday’ are super questionable. Let’s take a look.

Oh man. These Cowboy fans apparently haven’t been following the Washington Redskins debate about the team’s changing its name. Maybe you can’t blame them: if any are from Texas, their age probably throws them squarely into the group who’s seen the state’s high school curriculum scrub certain “anti-American” subjects from books. So probably no Native American history or the fact that their current state was originally formed as a concentration camp-esque land for the Cherokee tribe.

To be fair, the crabs signs are passable. Low-hanging and obvious, but passable. Maybe not here, though. But, uh, that one on the righthand side. Chances are that guy–an apparent Florida State fan–started his justification of making that sign with, “I’m not racist, but…” or “c’mon, it’s funny, though!” Not cool, dude.

There have been some funny and clever signs, though, the ones that make ‘Gameday”s atmosphere one of the most unique in sports. Or maybe not.

H/T: Deadspin via SB Nation