These Green Bay Fans Are Blaming Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend, Olivia Munn, For His Poor Performance

Aaron Rodgers used to be a really good quarterback. Then he met Olivia Munn. Then the Packers lost a game to the Detroit Lions. Then everyone blamed his girlfriend and not the offensive line that’s essentially a human turnstile. Then CBS 58 in Wisconsin compared it to Justin Verlander and Kate Upton. Then they interviewed a sports psychologist.

Have we reached football’s nadir? Because I think we have.

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Now to be fair, there are a bunch of a$$holes out there saying this is Olivia Munn’s fault. But just because you have a keyboard and an internet connection, doesn’t mean we have to give you a platform. Right? Nah, let’s point and laugh you guys.

I don’t know, throwing this out there guys but maybe Green Bay’s a really bad football team. Maybe last year’s division title had nothing to do with the Packers and everything to do with the Lions blowing it down the stretch. But no, that makes too much sense right?