These Guys Love Devin Hester

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01.18.11 6 Comments

As much as I profess to hate the sports-inspired rap offerings of guys like Chet Haze, I am a sucker for a corny, over-the-top musical tribute to professional athletes. Enter these Chicago Bears fans – led by Justin Butler in the middle – who recently recorded this ode to Devin Hester, “Hest is the Best.” Hest? I suppose it’s better than Gipple, Celeste, Kest, Loleola… Bovary!

Here’s a lyrical sample from Butler’s Bears anthem…

Hest is the best, meets the test, you know the man is blessed. You know he’s the man with the plan, he runs it back as fast as he can.

Man, I love the rhyming ease of clichéd sports lines. The song is now available on iTunes as well, in case you were looking for a ringtone that will be outdated after the Green Bay Packers win this weekend. Aw, I kid, Bears fans. I save my real hatred for the Cubs.

Bear down for the video after the jump…

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