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Once again, the stars lined up to see their beloved Lakers play at the Staples Center.  All the biggest stars you can imagine.  Like, uh, Nicky Hilton.  And Donnie Wahlberg.  He was great in The Sixth Sense nine years ago.  I really liked the part when he blew his brains out.

There are, of course, some bigger names.  Spike Lee showed his intense fandom by coming to a basketball game between Boston and Los Angeles wearing a New York baseball jersey.  In a fruitless effort to appear youthful, Jack Nicholson surrounded himself with people who look older than he does.  And of course, Will Smith showed up simply because he loves the game of basketball, and certainly not because his agent and studio want him out in the public eye more prior to the release of Hancock.

Did I mention that I hate LA?

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