They Throw Porridge In South Africa, Don’t They?

Look out, dude who threw waffles at a Toronto Maple Leafs game. You’ve just been one-upped by an angry South African footie fan. The worst part? The porridge-thrower isn’t in trouble as much as the actual team.

South African premier league leaders Orlando Pirates face possible sanctions and a heavy fine after a fan threw porridge at a match official at a match in Durban last month.

The Pirates are being charged with spectator misbehaviour and bringing the game into disrepute after one of their supporters lobbed a handful of stodgy porridge, which South Africans commonly eat with most meals, at the referee.

In October last year, arch rivals Kaizer Chiefs were handed a suspended 500,000 rand (44,816 pounds) fine after angry fans threw two plastic vuvuzelas and a cabbage onto the pitch during a cup tie to protest refereeing decisions.-Yahoo!

At least they’re not wasting any delicious food by throwing it. No one likes cabbage or porridge besides old people. If they started throwing pizza, however, I’d step in and halt that behavior immediately.

These fans are voicing their displeasure in the most avant-garde way ever. Vuvuzelas make sense, but cabbage? Porridge? Who throws porridge? Honestly.