They Took Our Jobs

10.06.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Steve Jobs, one of the most important people in our modern world, has died. It’s hard to do a tribute to him at With Leather, because a “The Sports World Reacts To The Death Of Steve Jobs” thing would just be LeBron James going “@justinbieber Steve Jobs dead please RT”, but he deserves a network full of obituaries, and here are a few from the UPROXX family. You died like you lived, Steve: smarter than everyone else, and never changing clothes.

Steve Jobs Is Dead At 56 – I’m glad he lived more than twice as long as Jack Noseworthy. [UPROXX]

R.I.P. Steve Jobs – Warming Glow’s tribute, featuring his 2005 Stanford commencement address and a sick burn on Zunes. [Warming Glow]

Obits: Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs – A word from TSS. [The Smoking Section]

The World Reacts To The News Of Steve Jobs’ Death – This features that amazing Tweet from the Westboro Baptist Church about how they’re gonna picked Steve’s funeral, posted using the Church lady’s iPhone. Great stuff. [Gamma Squad]

And now, some stuff to get this off your mind.


ESPN’s NSFW-ish Body Issue: Naked Gymnastics And Awkward Nude Dunking – You might’ve seen this yesterday, but click it again, because I updated it yesterday afternoon with naked Hope Solo video. It’s something you should see, possibly twice. [With Leather]

Kirsten Dunst: “I couldn’t have done Antichrist because my boobs are too big.” – Having seen two key scenes in Melancholia, I support this. I also would’ve accepted “I couldn’t have done Antichrist because I didn’t want the Green Goblin to actually put his dick in me”. [Film Drunk]

The Last Words Of 20 People Who Were Executed – I want my last words before execution to be “boom, roasted”. [Buzzfeed]

When Did Kelly Osbourne Get Sorta Hot? – She didn’t. She’s going backwards, and was sorta hot a few years ago when she was chubby and Sheamus-white and trying to be a goth pop star. [FARK]

25 Things You May Not Know About ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ – #26: The older you get, the more you get bothered by MISS-A GO-RIGHTRY, I MUSSA PLOTESSSSSST. [Moviefone]

Church of Mary Doesn’t Really Get ‘House’ Quotes – This is like a comedy club putting up posters of “Scrubs”. Come on, pay attention! [The Daily What]

The 16 Hottest ‘Bare Necessities’ Lingerie Models – Baloo had better be in here somewhere. [Brobible]

The Ten Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen – Also great but not on this list, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It’s the first movie I ever watched with my girlfriend, and has the “les incompetent” girl from Home Alone in it. [Unreality]

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