12.29.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Ca$h Cow is not morally opposed to leather uppers. Or leather downers, for that matter.

So I guess Kobe Bryant rolled out a new shoe last week, and rather than try to squeeze in a rape joke, I’ll just ridicule the fact that the big talking point for the Kobe Zoom V is that the shoe is a whole ounce lighter. The V, by the way, stands for “felony sexual assault.”

Nike performance footwear creative director Eric Avar made this shoe an ounce lighter.

“We started with the science and performance elements and built from there,” Avar said. “We wanted this shoe to be a true reflection of his game and persona.” –via OC Register’s Lakers blog.

Oh, and the shoes don’t hit stores for another two weeks or so. So if you were planning to pass them off a gift to serve as a smokescreen for your infidelity, you’re out of luck. At least these aren’t as ugly as Dwyane Wade’s “Air Doughnut” shoe. If Nike can get away with launching all of these ugly shoes in These Trying Economic Times, how bad can this recession possibly be?

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