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Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez is proposing to remove Jose Canseco’s name from a street that has bared his name for two decades because Canseco did what practically every in baseball player has done for the last fifteen years: nailed Madonna. Also, he took steroids.

”I think it’s an embarrassment. It runs through my district, right by my office,” said Martinez, who drives Southwest 16th Street — aka Jose Canseco Street — a few times a week…

Martinez said it wasn’t the brawl in the bar on the beach. It wasn’t the public dust-ups with his ex-wife. It wasn’t even Canseco’s prancing around in a leopard print Speedo on VH1’s The Surreal Life.

It was the steroids, said Martinez, a former county police officer… ”It’s the fact that he did it, and he lied for such a long time,” Martinez said. “The book was just to make money.”

“As opposed to this proposal, which is just to score cheap political points!”

Hopefully this leads to a movement of removing athlete’s names from schools and roads the nation over. I know the people of Green Bay must be itching to take down Brett Favre Pass. He was addicted to pain killers, after all. And attention, the deadliest drugs of them all. Okay, only if it’s mixed with cocaine. Michael Irvin raves about that one.

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