Things Got Crazy In The North Dakota State Locker Room Following Their Upset Win

03.21.14 4 years ago
Taylor Braun

Getty Image

The best part of any upset victory is always the postgame celebration, as the No. 12 North Dakota State Bison proved with their 80-75 overtime win over the No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners yesterday. Coach Saul Phillips and his players had already been there and done that on the “We’re just happy to be here” routine, but now they’re beyond the point of no return in trying to stake claim to the NCAA Tournament’s Cinderella status. The Bison will have their work cut out for them against No. 4 San Diego State tomorrow, and as far as being our pick for the darling underdog favorites, they’ll still need to prove that they’re more likable than the Dayton Flyers. I’m pretty sure everybody already likes both of those teams more than Haaaaaaaaaaaarvard. *sniffs fart*

But if you need some convincing as to why you should give a squirt about ND State, their postgame celebration in the locker room should probably warm you up to them a little. This video has everything from goofy dancing to Coach Phillips shouting, “You’ll be in One Shining Moment” like a raspy Oprah, and a player quietly saying, “BTB” before Tyler Braun enters the locker room for a round of BRO FIVES! For a locker room celebration, this is as good as they get.

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