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What the hell is going on here? I went down to the pier for a Barq’s and a beej and suddenly there’s another offensive coordinator without a job. How was the pier? Well, the root beer was pretty good…

“We have removed Turk Schonert and relieved him of his responsibilities as offensive coordinator,” [Buffalo Bills] head coach Dick Jauron told a news conference.

“It’s nothing we had planned on and was nothing enjoyable in any way, shape or form.”

The Buffalo first team had failed to score an offensive touchdown in five pre-season games. via.

We hadn’t planned on firing arguably the second-most important member of our coaching staff 10 days before the season starts. Good to know. The thing is that now that firing coaches has become so trendy, there’ll be a rush of preseason firings as we head into the NFL opener on Thursday night. Oh, I can’t wait to see who gets fired before the deadline [**crosses fingers hoping Dallas OC Jason Garrett gets canned**]. Ah, football is back.

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