This 10-Year Old Could Still Kick Your Ass

Last year we shared with you the story of Naomi Kutin, a then 88-pound 9-year old from Fairlawn, New Jersey, who became an Internet sensation when a video surfaced or her squatting 187-pounds. Unlike a lot of other flash in the pan viral favorites (Jeremy Lin, I’m looking in your direction), Naomi wasn’t satisfied being “that kid from the weightlifting video”. She wanted to be the only kid from the weightlifting video.

On Sunday, Kutin used her proportional strength of a spider to break the world record for raw squatting when she lifted 215 pounds, more than twice her body weight. To put it another way, holy sh*t, she just squatted ME.

The previous record for the 97 pound division was 209 pounds broken by a 44 year old European woman last summer. Kutin actually regained her own record after losing it several months ago.

Kutin drew a round of applause from the onlookers as she completed the record-breaking lift.

“When I was younger, my friends would be doing a lot of things that I couldn’t do, and I wanted to do something extraordinary,” an excited Kutin said. “I wanted to break a record of some sort and I just really wanted to get this record.” (via KIII TV)

Congratulations to Naomi for pulling a Billy Mitchell, and for putting those European 40-year olds in their place. This is certainly a more athletic use of the KIDS WHO COULD KICK MY ASS tag than usual, as we usually hand it out for pre-teens Zangiefing bullies and adults who have turned their children into monsters.

[banner image via Caters News Agency]