This Cricket Fan Can See Your Soul

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03.10.11 7 Comments

As the World Cricket Cup is in full… swing? I don’t know, is that what it’s called over there? Either way, the Cricket Cup is currently taking place in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka and if you want to know how your favorite cricket team/squad/crew is doing, then you can refer to coverage like this, this or this.

But here in America, we play a little sport called baseball so we don’t have time for your flat bats and your brooms and your quaffles and your golden snitches. We’re a picky folk, so you better come at us with some steroids or a ridiculous person doing something funny. What’s that, India? You’ve got a creepy guy? All right, now we’re talking.

In the video after the jump, you’ll meet a fan who has either never seen a video camera before or he’s a 7th level demon of hellfire and he’s going to eat your soul for eternity. He’s got a funny mustache, too. And if you’re wondering if this guy is going to be the next Ryder Cup Cigar Guy… you bet your ass he is.

Also, you have to be a pretty unique individual for me to pay more attention to than the kid who clearly picks his nose and wipes it on his own face.

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