This Cubs Fan Is Just So Darn Sneaky

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02.23.12 2 Comments

I guess if you’re a Chicago Cubs fan, you’ll look for any reason to be excited about the team’s 103rd rebuilding effort in the last 104 years, so it comes as little surprise that one North Sider is pretty proud of himself after pulling one over on the Boston Red Sox. Cubs fan Eric Engelman (above) is getting some love on the webs this week for a moral victory of sorts after he purchased the web domain for $8.

Jet Blue Park is the new $80 million home of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training in Florida, and on a whim, Engelman looked up the aforementioned domain last year and was quite surprised that it was available. So he purchased it and, according to his personal website, what happened next was just pure LULZ…

So, Last year, I purchased my first web domain. The Boston Red Sox are building a new stadium here in Fort Myers, FL and when they announced that JetBlue was getting naming rights to the building I looked online and saw the name was available. The best part? Check out where I have it forwarded to! I don’t even like the American League (see that picture above?), so I just think it’s funny.

And he linked it to the New York Yankees website.

People are making a big deal out of this – some sites are even calling him a cyber prankster and a genius troll – but I’m a little underwhelmed, to be honest. Granted, one of my other 6 jobs is in web real estate, so I see stuff like this all the time and it’s just business as usual for me. But linking it to the New York Yankees’ home page? Big deal.

Give me something I can really laugh at, like linking it to this GIF…

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