This Dog Hates The Dallas Cowboys

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.28.12 3 Comments

dexter dog redskins cowboysMeet Dexter, a dog who loves the Washington Redskins so much that he will refuse dog treats if they are from the Dallas Cowboys. That’s … uh, that’s the clip. Somebody trained their dog to refuse food if it comes from a rival football team. Which it doesn’t. But he’s named after Dexter Manley and he’s got a dog brain, so what are you going to do

My favorite part of the clip is actually the YouTube description, which is written by exactly the kind of person who’d do this with their dog:

Happy Thanksgiving! Dexter hopes the Cowboys wind up as turkeys!!!

I wonder what he thinks of Philadelphia Eagles dog treats? Michael Vick’s got an entire box of them on his kitchen table.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]

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