This Fan Didn’t Enjoy PNC Park

Senior Writer
04.11.11 13 Comments

"High five for 100,000 volts!"

On Saturday, the Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Colorado Rockies 6-4 to drop their record to 5-4, giving Pirates fans only one day left in the 2011 season to enjoy being above .500. But the Bucs fans jumped out to an early lead in the Best Drunken Tazings competition, thanks to the Stone Cold Steve Austin lookalike in the video below. Erik from Counting Baseballs caught the footage of a drunken fan in a sweet USA Olympic jacket shoving an usher as he was being escorted from his seats by Pittsburgh’s finest. The elbow led to the police using a Tazer on the unruly fan, and when that didn’t work, it became night stick time. Meanwhile, the crowd chanted, “U-S-A!” and for one night, Philadelphia had lost its crown as the batsh*ttiest sports town in Pennsylvania.

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