This Fat Guy Touchdown Is A Great Way To Start The Football Season

Senior Editor
08.25.14 15 Comments

Watching a morbidly obese man score a touchdown is one of football’s great gifts. Many of you refer to this as the “fat guy touchdown” but let’s just go ahead and call it what it really is: poetry in motion.

Occasionally, we see the fat guy touchdown after a fumble, when said fat man rumbles and bumbles his way into the end zone. Every so often, a tackle slips out and catches an easy toss from the QB. But this clip is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s fat man Dan Clark of the Saskatchewan Roughriders with the athletic grab to win the game. Dude corralled that football like it was the last biscuit at the buffet. Good on you Dan. You’re a hero to fat man everywhere.

(via Neil)

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