This Green Bay Packers Fan Is Angry About Women In Bras At Games

09.11.14 4 years ago 17 Comments
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If you’ve watched a Packers game on TV before, you’re familiar with those women who brave the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in bikinis and sports bras. The women, many of whom are not of sound mind, are shown regularly on the jumbotron freezing their butts off (among other things). It’s an accepted practice and for some, a rite of passage in Green Bay (no really, that “rite of passage” is a direct quote from a Packers fan).

Anyway, not everyone at the game wants to see these women. Not everyone yearns for women—regardless of size—in skimpy clothing. Because as we all know, it’s about the children. “How am I going to explain boobs to my kids” or something like that.

One man wrote a letter to the Green Bay Press Gazette about this. Overly concerned old fuddy-duddy is concerned.

After attending the Green Bay Packers preseason game on Aug. 28 I was appalled that the camera operators showed fans in the stadium such as a woman lifting up her shirt and another in a sports bra.

This is from a Packers organization that will not allow opponents cheerleaders to perform because of their revealing uniforms. This is rather two-faced and should be better controlled.

Do we really want to teach our many young children in attendance that this is acceptable behavior?

I mean, are we really concerned about this? Given the happenings of a normal NFL game—the drunkenness, the fights—and we’re concerned about some lady in a cheese bra? Seriously?

Let thee who doesn’t enjoy a good dairy brassiere cast the first stone I say!

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[Green Bay Press Gazette]

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