This Guy Caught A Foul Ball With A Bucket Of Popcorn, And It Was A Mess

04.08.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

It takes skill and luck to catch a ball while sitting in the stands at a professional baseball game. For one thing, there’s the competition. I saw a man swipe a batting practice home run ball out of a woman’s lap at Yankee Stadium once, and we’ve all seen people toss their bodies into a row of seats for a stitched trinket. There’s also the degree of difficulty that comes with trying to catch a fast moving projectile while slowed by whatever sadistic amalgamation of cheese, donut, bacon, and pulled pork that you consumed before first pitch.

That’s why this random fan at last night’s Seattle Mariners game who caught a ball in a tub of popcorn is so impressive. Not catch a ball in a beer cup impressive or catch a foul ball in your hat while holding your baby impressive, but it’s still pretty great.

I was going to close this off with, “Remember when people used to bring gloves to the ballpark?” As you can see from the above video, however, popcorn glove > regular glove. Are you listening, Houston Astros?

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