THIS GUY! Heading To San Fran Or Cleveland, Says Son

12.06.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Jon Gruden might return to an NFL sideline, but according to a very close source, it won’t be for another year. Deuce Gruden (which I’m assuming is just short for Jon Gruden, Jr.) might have given away his dad’s potential future coaching plans over the weekend.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach who was traded away from the Oakland Raiders in 2002 (only to beat them in the Super Bowl a year later) reportedly will seek another job in the League 2012, after Deuce finishes high school, according to his son’s remarks on the Sporting Rave podcast. Gruden seems to have his heart set on San Francisco, “and maybe Cleveland.” Yeah, that’s how most of us feel about Cleveland.

And yeah, this could have been a teenage kid talking out of his ass, but it’s still a notable take on a guy who’s probably the hottest “name” head coaching candidate on the market right now. Plus the kid’s name is Deuce. Hey, Deuce, got any good tips on penny stocks? I can see that email spam now. “THIS STOCK! I call it The Boomerang, because of its amazing returns!” Hey, that’s good stuff.

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