This High School Senior Bench-Pressed 700 Pounds, Because TEXAS

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03.25.13 13 Comments

This is a clip of a teenager lifting 700 pounds.

I repeat, this teenager bench-pressed 700 pounds.

[Matt] Poursoltani lifted a ridiculous 700 pounds on Saturday — a feat not only impressive because it’s 700 pounds but also because Poursoltani is a high school senior at Pilot Point High in Texas, and because he has increased the amount he can lift by more than 100 pounds in just a year, according to the Dallas Morning News. Poursoltani weighs 270 pounds, making his lifting astounding compared to the NFL bench press record of 705 by 325-pound Larry Allen. (via

I’m not sure what else to add, besides the fact that the motherf**ker has to wear Hercules clothes to fit his weird, crazy-power monster body. I am in awe of this kid. Guy? It never specifies how old he is in the story, it just says he’s a high school senior, so maybe he’s just a really stupid 35-year old who is also Unbreakable. Regardless, holy crap.

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