This Is Not How You Train For A Race

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03.11.11 3 Comments

An Illinois man is less than 10 days away from a goal he set for himself 3 weeks ago, as he gave himself 30 days to prepare and train for the Los Angeles Marathon. And while that would seemingly make him no different than thousands of other people who will run in that very same race, it’s how Joe D’Amico has been preparing that sets him apart from the rest. He’s been eating only McDonald’s food.

D’Amico’s ongoing goal is to train for the 26.2-mile marathon by following his normal daily running routine while eating 3 meals a day at McD’s. And while that sounds counterproductive, he’s not exactly channeling Morgan Spurlock.

Unlike filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who gained 24 pounds and saw his health rapidly deteriorate while eating at McDonald’s for a month for his hit 2004 documentary “Super Size Me,” D’Amico won’t order large fries, and he’s never had a Big Mac. He did try an Angus deluxe burger, though, as part of his training

“I can do it because I’m running 100 miles a week,” he said. (Via Chicago Sun-Times)

Also, instead of the menu items that I love, like chicken strips with buffalo sauce and the largest container of fries that even God could barely lift, he’s eating grilled chicken sandwiches and, even worse, he’s doing it in moderation with small meals… That’s cheating!

I mean, aside from the fact that he’s blogging about his exploits and raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, what’s the point of this whole desperate plea for attention? Oh, I see – merchandising. What a sellout. Oh, the profits are also going to charity? Well look at you, Mr. Cool Eating Healthy And Giving Money To People Who Need It Guy. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat a Choco Taco and do half a sit-up.

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