This Is Probably The Best Hairstyle Ever

Senior Writer

When the above photo was posted by the Clearly Dope this morning, I opened a quick Google search to try to find some sort of background information on this unique hairstyle. Like, who is this guy? Does he always have a basketball hoop attached to his head? When he sits on his couch and watches TV, do his friends come over and play basketball on his head? When he goes out, does he get angry when random people ball up napkins and throw them at his head? Can he raise his hair even higher so he has an MTV Rock N’ Jock 10-point hoop on his hair? Does he have a baby and if so does he let that baby hang from the rim? If he’s going somewhere nice, does he change the net to a chain?

Those would be just some of the questions that I’d probably ask. But then I decided that I don’t want to know why this picture exists. I’m just glad it does.

For those of us who demand answers, though, the man in question is Gasmy Joseph, AKA Mohawk Gaz, and according to Oddity Central, this Florida man charges businesses to use his hair for advertising space.

Gasmy says he gets his hair done at least once a week, but he can change the designs up to three times per week, if has different clients. He’ll go to clubs, parties, charity events and pretty much anywhere else to get as much exposure to his Mohawk as possible. “I’ll do Bar Mitzvahs if you need me to,” the young entrepreneur says. “You never know where you’ll find me, and that’s the most important thing about it.”

I might just have to see if he can make a With Leather Mohawk. Lobster Dog would look good airbrushed on some hair.

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