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Perhaps the the big Holy Shiitake Mushrooms moment of the sports weekend was free agent point guard Stephon Marbury opening up his own channel, streaming video of himself through a webcam for the better part of last weekend. It has either been the best piece of performance art from a “current” NBA player, or the worst reality show ever. Yes, even worse than TO’s.

Yesterday he was shirtless and screaming at the viewers. At one point my wife was scared at what I was watching on my screen — literally Marbury frightened her with the sound on mute. With it turned up, you realized that after a weekend of doing this his voice was so hoarse you could barely understand his ramblings. Is this the future of celebrity? Please say it’s not. via.

But Starbury TV is already losing steam, as you can see from the video above, he’s kinda tired. And so are we. But there’s something nice about having an NBA player at one’s virtual beck and call. It beats being ignored for autographs or paying to watch him shoot 43 percent from the field.

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