This Is The Best Miami Heat Celebration And Restaurant Commercial You'll Ever See

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06.25.12 6 Comments

The Miami Heat’s victory parade began today at 11 a.m., regardless of how much Tropical Storm Debby wants to trickle all over Florida, but for most people it’s merely a continuation of a party that started last Thursday night after the Heat won the NBA Finals in 5 games. But if it does rain today, Heat fans, remember that white gloves shrink and are a bitch to dry clean.

Over the weekend, between a slew of stupid Dwight Howard rumors and pictures of cats wearing funny hats, I noticed a video in my Twitter feed that claimed to honor the “Only in Miami” mantra, so I figured it was probably two dudes wearing mesh shirts and smoking cigars beating each other with machetes. Instead, it was actually a really nice tribute to Miami’s culture, with the Heat’s championship – and the restaurant La Carreta – set as the backdrop to deliver a small-town feel.

Pour yourself an espresso and enjoy.

From the Belvedere Stories’ Vimeo:

Throughout the Heat’s playoff run, the city has been on edge. Miamians wanted a championship so bad they could taste it. This was our year, and we were all confident that our team could do it.

But the one thing we could be sure of was that if and when they won, La Carretta on Bird Road would be flooded with people celebrating. The sounds of banging pots, honking horns and Spanish music blasting from cars would fill the streets and impromptu parades and conga lines would jam the sidewalks.

It really is pretty cool, and I even giggled a little when the yellow Hummer shows up, because I assume that was the #HEATBROS arriving to the party.

La Carreta: The Miami Celebration Spot from Belvedere Stories on Vimeo.

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