This Is The Ridiculously Stupid Scene Outside LeBron James’s Home In Ohio

07.10.14 4 years ago 16 Comments
LeBron's home


Earlier this afternoon, after I’d emptied my brains of all of the stupid frustration that had been building up, yet another LeBron James announcement rumor “broke.” I don’t even know or care who started it, but people were saying that James would be making his big announcement that he’d be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers at around 3:30 PM ET. That obviously never happened, but it soon turned into 3:30 PM CT, which also never happened. I’m not sure if the rumor evolved into any other time zones across other countries, but it kept developing.

Soon, another rumor started about the Bath Township, Ohio police “confirming” that they were informed by James’s “inner circle” that they should have extra officers available for a celebration. Then, the police denied that. Ultimately, Bath police chief Michael McNeely told Mary Kilpatrick of that police had “upped security” like they did before The Decision in 2010. Regardless, Cleveland Cavaliers fans apparently took this as an open invitation to tailgate outside James’s home in Bath… even though he’s in Las Vegas right now.

(UPDATE: He’s at his camp in Vegas with Dwyane Wade standing right next to him.)

UPDATE No. 2: There’s a car accident now, because people are just plain idiots.

And the fans are just chilling out, like it’s not a strange thing at all to be sitting outside a wealthy athlete’s home, when he’s not even in the same state.

Seriously, they’re just hanging out. There’s literally nothing better in the world to do than sit in a car and wait for an announcement that might not even happen tonight.

Can anyone justify this behavior? Anyone?

If it’s not a relationship, then why are you standing outside of a stranger’s house like he’s your ex-lover? Meanwhile, in the future…

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