This Kid Either Loves The Devils Or IS The Devil

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.15.11 4 Comments

If you can make it through the diarrhea noises and ‘Silent Library’-style snickering going on in the background, you’ll enjoy this video of Montreal Canadiens defenseman Hal Gill suffering the worst insult known to man: a fat kid from New Jersey pointy middle finger.

And it’s not just the finger … it’s the hate-fueled glare of a time-displaced Chaz Bono, unable to handle the 2-1 Habs victory over the Devils. Maybe he is the devil, or at least some sort of ominous harbinger of doom, and poor Hal woke up the next morning covered in boils.

Kids yelling curse words and flipping people off give me the worst case of secondhand embarrassment ever. When I was a kid I would’ve gotten grabbed with one hand and punched in the face eight times with the other if I’d delivered bird to someone in front of my parents. Then again, I didn’t have the kind of parents who’d allow me to grow up rooting for the Devils.

[via Buzzfeed]

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