This Little Dude Is Ready For The 2014 Winter Olympics

Senior Writer

Today I learned that the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take place in Russia, and I may have already known that but this is 2013 so I either packed it away in the POD storage unit in my brain or I deleted it so I could make room for the unofficial Taco Bell Volcano Sauce recipe, because that sh*t’s important. Either way, the 2014 Winter Olympics is something that will happen and people in Russia are already working on big things.

For example, people in Sochi are already busting their asses storing snow so they have enough for next year, and as I wrote that, I asked myself, “Do I go with a joke about Snow the rapper or say that ‘storing snow’ is a Lindsay Lohan cocaine euphemism?” but I didn’t want to deviate from the main point.

The Sochi Olympics mascots are already out doing their promotional thing, and they were met by this young boy earlier in the week. There’s really nothing much else to this other than look at this little Russian bro telling the rest of the world what’s up.

That’s “Snow Leopard” on the left, and I’d make fun of how unoriginal his name is, but he was apparently hand-picked by Vladimir Putin, even though people overwhelmingly “voted” for him, and Zaya the Doe Hare on the left. There are apparently quite a few mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics, but I’m pretty bummed that none of them are Putin himself…

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