This Looks Fun: Zamboni Waterskiing

02.19.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

You may remember hockey’s David Ling from his extensive career in the NHL, playing for the Maple Leafs, the Blue Jackets, the Stars, the Blackhawks, the Canadiens, the Flames … Jesus, how many teams did this guy play for? I keep expecting to type “Los Angeles Dodgers” in there somewhere.

Anyway, Ling has officially become my new favorite current EIHL player by pretending to waterski off the back of a zamboni. I could theorize on the reasons why, but I’m pretty sure the answer is just “YOLO.”

Please watch and adore this.

Greg at Puck Daddy says what we’re all thinking, after we’ve thought “LOL, zamboni waterskiing”:

(We’re also happy it didn’t happen in North America, because he’d no doubt have been chastised by stodgy critics for besmirching the Zamboni or showing up his teammates or some other nonsense.)

My only complaint is that now I want to watch him try to play hockey on waterskis.

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