This Negative Political Ad In Tennessee Compares An Incumbent Candidate To Lane Kiffin

To be honest here, I know nothing about Tennessee politics or well, politics in general. Unless it involves something GIF-worthy or a Vine with “Turn Down For What”, I’m clueless. That being said, I will weigh in on this because LOL Lane Kiffin.

The former head coach for Tennessee football was brilliantly taken down in this ad from Eddie Smith, a Republican running for a seat in the state’s 13th Congressional district. Smith is currently locked in a brutal battle with incumbent Gloria Johnson and with Alabama visiting Knoxville this weekend, the ad seemed timely.

“It’s time to show big talkers like Lane Kiffin and Gloria Johnson that we mean business.”

“Like Lane Kiffin, who made a lot of big promises to Tennesseans, Gloria Johnson went to Nashville claiming she was going to reform health care and create jobs. And like Lane Kiffin, Gloria Johnson didn’t live up to her word.”

If you recall, Kiffin left Tennessee in the middle of the night for a job at USC. A place he was summarily fired from three years later.

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