This Parrot Sure Does Love Soccer

Senior Writer

I believe these are African-American Greys.

America may have the best all-around animals in the world – Keyboard Cat, Lobster Dog, Birthday Dog, American Squirrel, and my dog Lilah, among others – but today we are featuring a pet from Spain that may give every animal in the world a run for the title of Coolest Pet Ever.

Meet Berritsu, a simple African Grey upon first glance, but he possesses perhaps every sports fan’s greatest wish – you know, aside from a live-in, large-breasted, bisexual, super model waitress. Berritsu can not only sing the fight song for his owner’s favorite football club, Athletic Club Bilbao, but he also cheers when players score and the team wins.

I actually had an African Grey when I was growing up and I trained it to celebrate every time the Miami Dolphins won a playoff game. Easiest trick ever.

(Via EITB)

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