An Opossum Suffered A Truly Brutal Death At The Rolex 24 At Daytona

At some time around 5 AM yesterday morning at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, driver Andy Lally thought that his No. 44 Porsche 911 GTD hit some debris. The damage to his car was bad enough that it knocked him out of the race, and when his crew went to examine the problem, they realized that the debris was actually a fuzzy, little opossum that had apparently had enough of this cruel world. That’s because the poor opossum was struck by Lally’s Porsche and found its final resting place in the front end of his car.

Once off the track, Lally Tweeted a warning to his followers that he was about to “tweet something gross,” but we certainly agree with his logic that he couldn’t not share it with everyone. It was a photo of this poor opossum after that awful moment…

Lally’s crew named the poor critter Ballast before they fixed his car and got him back out on to the track so he could #AvengeBallast. While the opossum clearly wasn’t laughing, it’s nice to see that Lally and his fans had a good sense of humor about it.