09.24.08 9 years ago 19 Comments

Through some unholy coitus of corporate synergy, several Warriors players and coaches were forced to serve as baggage handlers and flight attendants and whatnot for a Southwest Airlines flight.  Stephen Jackson, can we get some witty repartee with a cheeky passenger?

“You don’t mind me moving your bag, do you, sir?” said Jackson, shutting the NBA logo-covered overhead compartments and preparing passengers for takeoff.

“No,” a passenger replied, “just as long as you don’t mind giving me your autograph.”

BAM!  That was AWESOME!  Now how about an unbearably cheesy and canned line provided by a PR flack?

When asked about what’s in store for fans in the coming months, Jackson replied, “We’re starting off on a runway, so you know we’re taking off this season.”

HOLY SHIT THAT IS GOLD.  That must have taken months to think of.  Literally months.  Whatever Southwest and Golden State are paying their PR team, it’s clearly not enough.


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